Our 4-step process to build more revenue-generating meetings is just one of the marketing techniques we use to boost our customers ‘ profits exponentially. 

Just think what you could do for your company by using all our marketing strategies?

Dear Business Builder,

what would a repeatable and consistent number of revenue-generating meetings mean for your business? Just imagine it. Eager buyers scheduling appointments to buy what you’re offering on the timetable of your sales team.

Your sales team is running at peak for a few months, cash flow looks better than ever and financial projections are all about increased profits. This is the picture for your company that you and I dream about, right?

So how do you conclude that you rely solely on referrals and desperate cold calls to eventually book a reliable and steady flow of income-generating meetings?

Digitative helps B2B companies like yours, building strategies for lead generation and optimizing sales that lead to more paying customers.

Our success across various companies and industries has resulted in millions worth of closed deals for customers from around the globe.

If you’re willing to stop wasting money on marketing strategies for copying & pasting, generic email blasts, and outdated pushy sales tactics that don’t deliver results, talk to us about implementing an optimized sales funnel that continually delivers profitable and sustainable results.

1 Prospecting We appoint a dedicated prospector to find the most appropriate leads for your company by pulling all the stops. We segment prospects accordingly, whether it’s online, offline or using the existing contact list, and kick off value based commitments.

2 Cold Email Our writing team will create the right message that speaks to the unique painpoint(s) of each of your members. We do this by making sure that we understand the desired outcome of your company, your business and everyone.

3 Automatic follow-up Each email follow-up is written and automated in context. It results in a coherent experience that allows the messages to be consumed in their own time without pushy marketing material being bombarded.

4 Import leads to your CRM Responses go straight to your designated mailbox so that your sales team can pick up where we left off. If you need assistance in managing incoming leads, just let us know. The group is familiar with the management of all leading CRM systems in the industry.

5 Analysis, Rinse, Repeat We monitor our content on an ongoing basis and optimize our strategies based on the metrics we obtain. You’re going to be surprised at what it can produce to pay close attention to the signals your leads send out. We will continue to generate more prospects in tandem with this based on the insights we have gained.

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